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Event Analyst is more than just an event log entry viewer; it is an administrator's looking glass into the health of their network. Using Event Analyst's special event log "windowing" technology, administrators can examine different cross sections of event log records from multiple different sources all at the same time. Event Analyst's highly intuitive interface allows the administrator to seek quickly through the logs, jumping to specific dates or rapidly scrolling through the logs chronologically. Yet with hundreds of thousands of entries, how can an administrator pinpoint the specific activities of concern on her network? Event Analyst provides room for local storage of frequently sought after events and event filters, allowing administrators to file away definitions for commonly examined events. After being stored, network administrators can summon time after time the same filters to quickly zero in on events of interest. In fact, Event Analyst ships with many predefined filters that are of immediate use to almost every network administrator. To further aid the administrator, Event Analyst allows users to print out reports of any filtered event log entries, in addition to supplying prepackaged specialized reports with the product. Event Analyst's clear, professional looking reports will prove invaluable for explaining network phenomena to managers and providing security information to law enforcement agencies. Finally, Event Analyst is adept at reading from and exporting to a variety of different data formats. Event Analyst can view, filter, convert between, and report on information from active computers, saved EVT log files, comma-delimited text files, and Event Archiver compatible tables in Microsoft Access and ODBC databases. Combined with Dorian Software Creations' automatic event log collection software, Event Archiver Enterprise, Event Analyst provides a complete event log management solution for your network.

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